The 411 on Salon Bridal Packages

Erin Chambers
How to develop salon and spa bridal packages

A bride expects every aspect of her “big day” to be perfectly packaged - from the catering service to the photographer - so why should her salon experience be any different?

Her trip (or trips!) to the salon should be one of the “fun” parts of wedding prep. The easier you make it for the blushing bride, the more relaxed she’ll be and the higher your returns will be. So, without further ado, here’s the 411 on packaging bridal services!

Deciding on Service Rates

The challenge many salon owners have when they first consider setting rates for bridal hair is adjusting for the “I just want my hair curled” clients versus the “3-hour updo” client. Setting a base price can save you the headache of bartering with an already stressed bride and make you appear helpful. To determine the base price, use an established service to simplify the arithmetic. For instance, if a haircut and a blowout take an hour and cost $65, and your base bridal hair service is also an hour—that’s your base rate! Therefore, a three-hour updo would be your base rate x 3. Now, if your bride ONLY wants a blowout or ONLY wants her hair curled, your base rate should be cut in half. This might not be a service you list on your menu, but it should be standard practice. Imagine the big smile on your client’s face when you tell her you’ll cut the base rate in half, just for her!

Start Packaging…Grow That Ticket!

Once you have a base rate for your services, you can work with your bride to select a package that suits her budget. Perhaps you decide to create a “Queen for a Day” bridal package that includes hair and full airbrush makeup. Your bride likes what this package offers, but isn’t so sure about the airbrush makeup (She’s never done it before.). With your established base rates for individual services, you could easily offer to swap out the airbrush makeup for regular makeup application. BUT WAIT! You have a crucial opportunity here to invite your bride into the salon for a trial airbrush application (maybe on the day of her bridal shower or her bachelorette party). If she loves it, you’ve just increased your total services sold, as well as kept that premium “Queen for a Day” package rate intact!

What Should I Include in a Bridal Package?

Consultation, consultation, consultation. Don’t ever skip this service. I repeat. Do not skip this service! While the consultation is a freebie, it should be a mandatory part of any bridal package.

Not only will this make the bride feel more confident in the price she is paying and pampered as a client, it’s a quick and easy way for the stylist to determine how long the bride’s hairstyle will take and which package is right for her.

Bridal packages should also include any and all services you have on your salon’s general menu. As we discussed earlier, it’s okay for the bride to swap out premium services for less costly ones, but packaging items together will encourage her to spring for something she may not have normally opted for. And if there’s ever a time for a woman to splurge on beauty services, it’s when she’s preparing for her wedding!


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