The Bridal Experience: Make Her Feel Like She Owns the Place

Erin Chambers
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One of the biggest complaints brides have about their salon experience is that they didn’t experience the level of service they imagined in their wedding day fantasies.

You don't want this complaint to come out of a bride's mouth—or fingertips, on business review websites like Yelp—and do damage to your salon’s reputation. Although it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, your business should still strive for experiential perfection. Here are a few ways to ensure your brides and their wedding party members are treated like queens for the day.

1. A Room to Call Her Own

If you can't accommodate a dedicated bridal room, try sectioning off a small area of your salon where the bride and her bridesmaids can sip champagne and chat in private. This will make your bridal clients feel they're getting exclusive V.I.P. treatment and will definitely score your salon major points! This tactic will also benefit your regular salon clients. If you have a private or semiprivate area for bridal parties, other guests won’t be disturbed by the noise of a large group—especially if you're tight on space.

2. Be Flexible… and Prepared!

You know that perfectly customized package you spent weeks planning with your bridal client, complete with hair and makeup trials? When the wedding day rolls around, your bride has decided she absolutely MUST have eyelash extensions (not in the plan). Good thing you made room in your makeup artist’s schedule to accommodate! On a wedding day, it’s always a good idea to have a stylist, colorist, esthetician and makeup artist with a little wiggle room in their schedule to be available for any last-minute requests.

3. It’s the Little Things that Count

Little details really do make a difference to a bride. A bridal party should always be welcome to bring in their own snacks and beverages, but it's also nice for the salon to have something extra prepared. Tea, cookies, mini donuts, or a bottle of champagne are all thoughtful and cost-effective wedding day treats for your bridal clientele. Having a special “BRIDE”-emblazoned robe to wear in the salon can also leave a lasting impression of thoughtfulness. Making the extra effort, without being asked, will go a long way with a bride!

4. Make Time for a Mini Photo Shoot

Don’t let a bride leave your salon without snapping a few pics first. Brides will love the opportunity to see how they look on camera before they put on the big white gown, and a chance to smile for the camera with friends and family before the formal event will be a welcome opportunity. You’ll also have lots of great images to share on your social media accounts or website.


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