The Easiest Way to Promote Spa Packages

When it comes to making your spa menu standout and capturing the eye of potential, new clients, you know how important it can be to offer a variety of fresh spa package options. Packages work as a great way for clients to try out new services they may not normally. Packages also help to provide your business and clients with a better value, overall.

In our previous post, we’ve already discussed the best tactics for selling your packages and how to get more purchases. Though there are tons of tricks out there, some of the most successful we’ve seen are…

1. Limited Time Offer Packages

2. Seasonal Themed Packages

3. Special Packages as Loyalty Rewards

Knowing how to best market your packages is a major key to generating more purchases; however, it’s not the only key. Something just as important, if not more so, is knowing how to best get there word out there about the spa packages you’re offering. Think about it — if no one knows about your exceptional spa packages how do you expect to gain anything from them?

The easiest way for you to inform clients about spa packages or any other promotions for that matter is with automated messaging. When it comes to automated messaging there are two main avenues you should consider taking…

1. Text Message Marketing

If you’ve got a killer spa package you’re trying to promote consider using text messaging to get the word out.

a). Highest Open Rates: Text messaging, more than any other form of communication, has the highest open rate percentage. In fact, according to a study conducted by Business2Community 99 percent of text messages sent are opened by consumers. So, if you want to give the spa packages you create some visibility, definitely explore text messaging.

b). Short, Effective Messaging: Are you a frequent victim of word vomit? Have you ever over complicated something that could be expressed in just a few words? Haven’t we all! Luckily text messaging forces you to communicate in a more concise to the point manner. It’s a quick, terse form of communication. No one wants to spend a long time reading promotional material. In fact, many just won’t. So, by keeping your spa package promotions short and sweet, you’re communicating in a way your clients actually prefer.

2. Email Marketing

Another equally effective tactic you can take for promoting your spa packages is utilizing email marketing.

a). Everyone Uses Email: Email is one of the most popular forms of communication there is. It’s undoubtedly the most popular form of communication businesses currently use to reach out to clients with. In fact, 85% of people rely on email to connect them with what’s going on in the world. So, if you need a reliable, popular means to get your spa packages out there, think email.

b). Less Invasive: You’re a spa owner, not a salesperson, and you never want that to come into question with your clients. Email marketing is a significantly less invasive means of getting your spa packages in front of clients over many other methods. Direct messaging on social media platforms, pop up advertisements, or even text message marketing can sometimes come off as a little pushy. If that’s something you’re concerned about, email marketing works great to quell that concern. With email marketing the power is more in the customer’s hands. They can choose to open, to ignore, or just delete. You’re just providing them with a faint and friendly nudge.  

Making Things Easier on You - Automate the Process
Though both forms of communication listed above are relatively short messaging that doesn’t mean that you have the time to (or want to) type a bunch of promotional messages out, figure out who to send to, and hit the send button a million times. You didn’t open your spa to be a marketer. You opened it to work with your customers

Well, with Frederick, you don’t have to lift a finger. Frederick’s automated marketing software automates both the messaging, determining the receiver, and also facilitates the actual send out for you.

Here’s how it works

First Frederick combs through all the customer data that you’ve accumulated. Then based on user interaction such as previous campaign open rates and/or purchase history, Frederick next curates a segment of appropriate clients to send your spa package promotion too. Lastly, depending on the highest open times you’ve accumulated on previous campaigns, Frederick sends each appropriate client your promotions.

Frederick takes care of all the hassle that comes with executing a successful marketing campaign for you. This way you get your promotions the exposure they need while focusing on what’s really important to you — your quality of service and your customers.

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