The Only Tips You'll Ever Need for Effective Messaging on Facebook

Justin Michael Williams

Effective Facebook Post tips for yoga studios

You may have spent hours on Facebook with no meaningful results for your business. I’ve heard the struggle many times before – you’ve tried to post photos, you’ve promoted your classes and events, and yet your efforts aren’t providing any increase for your business. But I want you to imagine things could be wildly different. It is indeed possible that you can post on Facebook and see incredible results for your yoga studio.

The first step to making a major shift in your success on social media is to learn to write effective messages that captivate your audience and make them want to engage with you. There are two primary tips to keep in mind. Use these tips and you will see a drastic difference in your activity on social media.

Tip 1: Remember That Social Media Is About Conversation

The reason social media is even called “social” media is because it’s about conversation. In this way, everything we’ve learned from traditional marketing tactics is flipped upside down. In traditional marketing, it is proven that the more often people see your product and the more you can blast information at your audience, the more likely they will be to purchase your programs and products. The opposite is true with social media. If you constantly bombard your audience with sales pitches and promotions, they will begin to ignore you and will never see your posts.

Think of ways to spark conversation amongst your audience. A great tip is to direct your posts to the students who are already coming to your classes and programs. These students will be more likely to interact with your posts than the students who you wish you were coming to your programs.

Tip 2: Provide Useful, Relevant, and Valuable Content

Instead of thinking of social media as a way to blast your audience with constant sales messages, use it as a way to provide useful, relevant, and valuable information to your audience that can actually impact their lives. What does your audience care about? Find ways to use social media to impact your students lives just as much as you do in the yoga room. Are your students interested in spirituality? Astrology? Alignment? Recipes? Meet your students where the need you the most and use social media to take the practice off of the mat and into their everyday lives.

By using these two tips, you will quickly see an increase in your yoga studio’s social media engagement. 

Looking for even more tips to help you with your Facebook marketing? Check out our guide.

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