The Universal Color Waste Problem

Andrew Best

Color waste is an industry-wide problem; with all of this color being poured down the drain, continuing business as usual isn’t an option.

Did you know that 25% to 40% of hair color is being wasted?

We have found that, on average, colorists are mixing up to 40% more product than what is needed, leaving the rest to wash down the drain and into our waterways. How are we going to work together as an industry to reduce this waste and ensure no more color finds its way down the drain?  

How the beauty industry can make a positive impact on the environment

There is no one way to become an environmentally friendly salon. You need to find the right path for you and remember that becoming a sustainable salon requires a multi-faceted approach.

The obvious way to reduce your environmental impact is by recycling, and there are several companies out there that can help you properly dispose of your materials—but why stop there?

Why not go one step further and stop overmixing? You can completely eliminate color product waste altogether. With salon technology, you are now able to track exactly how much product is being used and how much is being wasted. This enables you to nip the problem in the bud. Rather than recycle the over mixed product, you eliminate it. 

Vish color management software enables to do just that.

Now, not only will you be recycling your waste—you’ll actually have less waste altogether. Using this type of technology doesn’t require much of a behavior change but it will end up saving you up to 40% of color per application. Not only does this mean less color down the drain or in landfills, but you’re also spending less money on product—providing you the opportunity to make your salon even more sustainable.

You can refine your formulas to the exact amount that you need. That means there is no longer a reason for over mixing, and all it requires is a small behavior change of reweighing your bowl after an application.

With just this one change, your salon can reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to the sustainability of this industry. 

Making the beauty industry more sustainable

Sometimes it feels like the changes we make will go unnoticed.  What is one salon in the grand scheme of things? But think about it—if every salon joins the hair color revolution with Vish, how much less color would be wasted and poured down the drain?

It’s important we continue to improve ourselves and do what we can to help the environment, making this industry as sustainable as possible. Recycling is great and we encourage everyone to find environmental ways to dispose of their waste, such as foils and tubes, but more than that, we encourage you to make that behavior change and stop wasting your color. Remember, the more salons that make this change, the bigger the impact we have.

Ready to impact the environment in a positive way? Join the hair color revolution today. Check out our site to learn how.


About the Author

Andrew Best

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur focused on business efficiency and growth. He currently serves as the COO of Vish and joined the company to not only help drive business internally but to help hair salons manage their performance and financial health through sustainable color management practices.

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