The Value of Customer Feedback for Beauty Professionals

John Rigo

Unfortunately, we’re not all mind readers like Professor X of the Xmen. When it comes to your clients, sometimes it’s not so easy to read their exact feelings on your business. So, do you really know how clients feel about your spa or salon? In reality, to accurately answer that question, first things first - have you ever asked? If not, you should be. Asking your clients for a little feedback about your spa or salon is a great way for you to grow your business.

Here are the 3 reasons why if your spa or salon doesn’t currently ask clients for feedback it should start to… sooner than later!

1. Gauge Your Performance

Client feedback can be used to get an accurate picture of how your spa or salon is actually performing. Your customers are the judges, and their opinion is the only opinion that really matters. You can use their feedback to gauge the performance of multiple aspects of your business such as:

1. Offered Services

2. Offered Products/Product Packages

3. Employee Aptitude

4. Specials/Promotions

Then you can take this information and either maintain or make alterations accordingly to better appease your clients wants.

2. Shows Clients You Care

Asking for current clients’ feedback is a great way for you to get across something very important - that you care. It’s a way for you to express to them that they matter, on an individual level, and that you’re willing to listen to what they have to say. By asking for feedback you’re letting your client know that you appreciate their patronage and that you care about their continued attendance.

3. Ensures Repeat Customers

By asking for customer feedback you’re not just letting customers know that you care about their continued attendance, but you're helping to make it a reality. As we’ve discussed in many previous posts: repeat customers should always be the goal!  

Customer feedback helps to generate repeat customers because it gives you the building blocks to tailor certain services, products, employees, you name it, toward a perfectly fit for what your clients want in a spa or salon. So, you know with 100% certainty that their satisfied. That’s why there’ll never want to leave.

So, what are your thoughts on customer feedback? Is it the crux of your businesses, or just an added bonus if you can get a hold of it?

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