Tocar Spa Knows How To b Free and Enjoy Their Work [Video Testimonial]

John Rigo

As any spa owner will attest to: running a spa can be tough. Chances are you became a spa owner because of your love for the health, wellness, and/or hospitality industry. You love being on the front lines. You love working with your clients. It’s your passion. However, as you well know, the life of an “owner” is much more complicated than that.

As a spa owner you’re responsible for much more than just the happiness of your clients. As an owner, now you find yourself constantly concerned with things like:

  • Attracting New Customers
  • Hitting Revenue Goals
  • Managing Employees
  • Organizing Customer Data & Payment Histories
  • Promoting Repeat Business

The list goes on and on. No one person should have to manage all these things alone. You need a partner. You need… Booker!

Stephen Conti, owner and founder of Tocar Spas in Columbia, Maryland chose Booker as his partner in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Since joining with Booker, Stephen has been able to better market his spa to new and existing clients, manage his client’s appointments, and increase service and product sales, overall. Altogether, Stephen has been able to grow Tocar Spas to new, amazing heights.

Don’t just take our word for it though. See what Stephen, himself, has to say…

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