Want to Keep Your New Clients? Try These 4 Tips

Acquiring a new customer can cost 6 times more than retaining an existing one. Try these tips to increase customer loyalty at your spa or salon: 

1. Provide a memorable experience (in a good way). 
Stellar customer service and attention to detail can go a long way in convincing your clients to return. Poor service is one of the fastest ways to lose a customer — 71 percent of consumers report ending a relationship with a company due to bad service. Begin with the basics: Set standards for all of your employees, listen to your customers and do your best to provide what they want. If you’ve mastered the essentials, aim to go above and beyond with thoughtful touches like a glass of champagne, a small take-home gift or an occasional complementary add-on service.

2. Offer a membership program. 
Membership plans are one of the best ways to increase your salon’s revenue every month — and they’re an easy way to identify your most loyal customers for future targeted marketing efforts. Take a page from Drybar’s membership playbook: offer a set number of services per months, savings on products, and an added benefit, like a free birthday blowout, for a recurring monthly fee. 

3. Stay top of mind.
Keeping in touch with your clients is essential to ensuring they continue to book appointments with you — but it can be a daunting task when paired with the ins-and-outs of running a business. Automated email and text messages can help you stay in touch by sending appointment reminders, targeted promotions and drip campaigns that slowly convince customers to come back again and again. 

4. Make it easy for customers to schedule an appointment.
Nearly 40 percent of all bookings happen overnight, making it essential for your salon or spa to offer an online appointment booking option. Adding online scheduling capabilities can be a tremendous advantage because they make it possible to capture appointments at any time of day. The simple addition of a “book now” button on the home page can have a major impact on revenue. In fact, by implementing this easy feature, Shen Tao Studio in New York City saw a 109 percent increase in monthly bookings, which resulted in a 250 percent increase in monthly revenue.

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