When it Comes to In-Store Payment Options: The More the Better...

Aditi Vora

When running your small business, it becomes apparent, very quickly, how important it is to cater to your customers wants and needs. Yes, you’ve got a service and product that they’re interested in, but at the end of the day, you want them to choose YOUR business for their needs.

This is where you can really differentiate yourself from your competitors. As long as you’re keeping yourself in the mindset of what your customers are looking for when they’re making a transaction, you’ll be better equipped at keeping them coming back for more.

We’re not just talking about beating your competitors in services –we’re talking about how you take payments. Such a basic concept, but one that many small businesses fail to optimize on. Catering to the convenience of your customers is important for customer loyalty, along with growing your business.

The more payment options you offer the greater benefit to both your business and your customers.

When you’re figuring out your point of sale, make sure that you’re keeping the following payment options in mind:

Credit/Debit Cards

This one is a no-brainer. Unless you’re a cash-only business, one of the most popular methods of payment is, of course, using a debit or credit card. Less and less people walk around with cash and a simple swipe of their credit card is all they’re really able to do.

Gift Certificates

Selling and accepting gift certificates helps to promote customer loyalty in ways you may not even be thinking of. When someone is able to purchase a gift certificate from you, you’re not only extending a service to the one purchasing the gift, but also to the person they’re giving it to. With one purchase, you’ve doubled the acquisition of the customer.


If you’re selling products at your store, you might want to consider a way to sell them online, as well. As long as you’re offering products, selling them online could be more convenient for the customers that didn’t take the time to add the purchase during their appointment. Instead of having your customers simply buy products during their visits, you could open the doors to greater revenue by offering constant access to your store.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments offer a seamless, organized, and timely methods for accepting payments. You can turn any smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal. With the upward trend toward mobile payments (growing by almost 10% every year), it's time to switch.

Just remember, the more options you’re serving up to your customer’s the better. Check back with the way you accept payments and make sure you’re doing everything to keep your customers coming back to your business. 

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