Why Businesses Need to Ramp Up Their Marketing Efforts This Summer

James Walsh

The summer is a wonderful time but it brings with it a slow down as customers are out and about enjoying the season. However, the summer is a great opportunity to ramp up your digital assets to bring in business and get ready for the fall. Through analyzing, updating and trying new things, there are still so many ways that SMBs can stay ahead of the curve. 

Customer Evidence and Feedback
The slow times of the summer can be used to gather input from your customers. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs, says that on average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. Collect testimonials, customer case studies and references to deepen the connection with your loyal customers. They are great to post on social media and add credibility when customers search for the company. It’s also a great idea to offer a survey to a wider audience to gage ways in which you can improve. 

Crush Social Media
There is no such thing as a seasonal slow down on social media! There is always an opportunity to grow your presence on your channels and run different campaigns. The most important thing you can do is engage your clients. It is essential that each one feels acknowledged, appreciated and heard. Jason Mittelstaedt of RightNow says, “Friends and colleagues’ endorsements, discussed in real life or through Twitter and Facebook updates, are more likely to drive sales than even a positive user review posted on a site like Yelp or Amazon (but those matter, too).” 

Take Stock
The summer is a great time to check your digital resources as you head into the fall. How does your website look? Does it need to updated or added to in anyway? Go through your marketing assets and platforms to assess where they are and where you want them to be. Often times you will find that a logo, image or theme is out of date and needs to be updated. 

Check your Lists 
Lists can get out control and outdated fast. Go through your lists and clean them up. Make sure everything is being recorded in CRM and that you’ve segmented your lists by customers, prospects, influencers, etc. Take the next step and categorize them by additional factors such as industry, size and need. 

Doing these things will help you maximize your summer while preparing for your fall. You have to do these things anyway so take the time to do them over the course of the summer! 

About the Author

James Walsh is a marketing consultant at Booker. He works on brand development and content creation. He enjoys reading and writing on marketing, media and business.

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