Why Your Studio Needs Online Bookings

Barry Eichner
Do I need online class signups for my yoga studio?

Consumer behavior is an ever-changing phenomenon.

Over the past decade, one of the main catalysts to changing consumer behavior has been technological advances. It may seem odd to discuss using technology to manage a business that focuses on ancient holistic practices. But as the Mata Hari said, “Truth is one. Paths are many.” The truth is, technology can help you find your bliss in managing your studio.

Studies have shown that people are turning to online and mobile for more and more daily tasks. For example, did you know that?:

  • Over 50% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.
  • Over 50% of all people who receive invitations would prefer an online option to register.*

Your yoga students are a part of this 50%. And that’s exactly why you need online bookings for your studio.

With all the recent advances in smartphone and e-commerce technology, consumers are used to conducting business 24/7. Online bookings are a great way to use this technology to your advantage. If your studio offers online bookings, students can book their classes whenever and wherever they want to. They won’t need to worry about making a call when your studio is open. They can also pre-pay for classes or put their payment information on file to expedite the check-in process when they drop in for a class.

Many online booking systems will also provide a downloadable calendar reminder so your students never miss a class their favorite teacher. Studio owners can also opt to send email or text message reminders to make sure everyone signed up for a class attends.

Not only do online bookings provide a convenient, personalized experience for students—they also provide many benefits for yoga studio owners and managers as well.

Most studios don’t have the staffing resources for a full-time receptionist. This means that you or your staff members are tasked with answering phones, checking in students, and processing payments on top of your teaching and mentoring responsibilities. Online bookings can help relieve much of the pressure on you and your staff by reducing call volume, simplifying your check-in process, and making it easy to take payments in advance and on site.

Pre-booked, pre-paid class registrations can be especially beneficial for yoga studios. By taking payments up front, or requiring a cancellation fee for last-minute no-shows, you can guarantee revenue without having to worry about flaky or forgetful students. Collecting class payments up front, or capturing a credit card during the online booking process, can also reduce costly operational errors during check in. Even the most efficient yoga studio can have errors or omissions when redeeming class cards in person. Online bookings can help you eliminate these errors, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year.

Allowing your students to book online will also give you a glimpse into the future. You’ll be able to see how many students are signed up for your classes and maintain a wait list that will automatically fill any cancellations, keeping your classes full and revenue high. This will also benefit your instructors by letting them see their student roster in advance, giving them the ability to adjust their teaching to better suit the level and needs of their participants.

Online bookings can bring a little more om to your life and the lives of your students. If you haven’t considered an online booking option for your studio yet, now’s the time!

Learn more about the benefits of online bookings for yoga in our guide.

*Data from Direct Marketing Association


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