Ya Gotta Love that “Book Now” Button

Online appointment bookings from Booker Software

Your small business website is really shaping up and you’re loving the look and feel of it.

The design conveys the relaxing atmosphere of your spa or salon to tempt your clients (or prospective clients) to book an appointment with you. Or your website showcases how creative your salon stylists and service providers are by featuring photos and videos of your trademark updos, blowouts, colors, cuts and highlights. Or how about those pics of your clients sporting luxurious mani/pedi extras like paraffin, French and shellac?

So, you see the key idea right there? Allowing your clients to easily book an appointment online, 24/7. 

With such an appealing website, we hope you’re getting the most out of your booking methods. For instance, can your customers book online from your home page whether they’re looking at the site on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone?

If not, you can empower your customers to book appointments online without speaking to a receptionist—anytime, anywhere—in real time by adding “Book Now” functionality to your website. Putting this level of convenience into your customers’ hands can be a real competitive advantage. They can schedule appointments during early or late hours, or even when they’re in the bleachers watching their daughter’s soccer game. That means your business never sleeps. 

By adding that powerful BOOK NOW! Button, you can boost your business’s efficiency and revenue, and make it easy for your customers to stay connected with you.

First, log into your Booker Account. Go to the Marketing tab and then to Resources. In the Resources portion, there’s a section labeled Book Now Button. That’s where you want to be.

You may also want to create your own BOOK NOW! button to more closely match the design of your website, using one of today’s popular web design tools. You can integrate your custom button into your website by modifying your HTML code and hyperlinking the button to the online booking link that we provide in the Resources section. You may have to consult with your web designer or website administrator for help customizing and embedding your BOOK NOW! button on your website—see Booker’s Help Center for instructions.

One more thing before I go. The benefits of online booking don’t stop at your BOOK NOW! button. 

Your customers can also book an appointment from their tablet or cell phone. The best part isBooker automatically knows that the request is coming from a mobile device, so your customers get a mobile-optimized booking experience.

Online and mobile booking are just two ways Booker can help your business grow.

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