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  • How to Open a Day Spa, Part 11:09

    How to Open a Day Spa, Part 1

    <p>Are you considering getting into the spa business? Watch this video for tips on how to make your dream a reality, then <a href="http://bit.ly/1FrLIhB">check out our comprehensive guide.</a> <a href

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  • Crisis Management2:03

    Crisis Management

    <p>Do you know how to handle a business crisis? This video helps small business owners develop a crisis management plan. <a href="http://www.booker.com/contact?utm_campaign=OnlineReputationMgmt&amp;u

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  • Creating a Salon Business Plan1:41

    Creating a Salon Business Plan

    <p>Learn how to build a salon business plan with these 4 easy tips. <a href="http://www.booker.com/contact?utm_campaign=SalonBizPlanGuide&amp;utm_source=Wistia&amp;utm_medium=Contact&amp;utm_content=S

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  • Fitness Marketing1:31

    Fitness Marketing

    Fitness marketing doesn't have to be a drag. This video walks through 4 ways you can spread the word about your classes and engage students.

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  • Online Reputation Management2:04

    Online Reputation Management

    This vlog covers 4 key online reputation management techniques you can use for your local business.

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  • Attracting New Customers: The Buy Cycle3:23

    Attracting New Customers: The Buy Cycle

    Learn how new customers learn about your business and ultimately come to choose you over your competition in this buy cycle video.

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  • Yoga Studio Marketing1:35

    Yoga Studio Marketing

    Yoga marketing doesn't have to by icky! Learn how you can spread the word about your studio while still staying true to your practice.

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  • Online Booking Benefits1:34

    Online Booking Benefits

    Learn about the benefits of online booking and online scheduling in this vlog.

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  • Fitness Student Retention Tips1:27

    Fitness Student Retention Tips

    Learn how to keep your fitness students coming back with these student retention tips.

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  • New Year's Marketing Tips for Fitness Studios1:33

    New Year's Marketing Tips for Fitness Studios

    Get the most out of your New Year's new fitness students with these marketing tips.

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  • Customer Retention1:34

    Customer Retention

    Learn how to retain more customers and drive repeat business with these 4 tactics.

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  • Facebook Marketing for Yoga Studios1:32

    Facebook Marketing for Yoga Studios

    Learn how to market your yoga studio on Facebook.

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  • Gift Certificates for Holiday Promotions1:49

    Gift Certificates for Holiday Promotions

    Make the most of your holiday gift certificate sales with these tips.

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