How to Build the Best Team for Your Salon or Spa

Rachel Jackson

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If you’re just getting your salon or spa off the ground, you’re probably looking to create a team with the most talented and reliable professionals in your industry to guarantee success. Now, it may sound like just another ordinary step in the opening process, but creating a dynamic team takes time and a whole lot of decision-making. 

Selecting the candidates that you need to bring your dreams of running a lucrative business to fruition can be a daunting and overwhelming process for anyone, let alone a startup that can soar, or tank, based on one missing element. Here are some tips for ensuring that you find the right person.

Define Your Culture

It's not just a buzzword. You probably know that having a strong, positive company culture is essential in running a successful business.  So take note of how your mission sets you apart from your competition - not only when it comes to your potential clients, but for your staff as well. What is your environment like? Is it laid back and full of perks, or is it more structured and professional? Finding the right fit for your salon or spa is about more than whether they have the necessary skills- it’s also about someone who sees the value in what you’re trying to do and is enthusiastic about your project. Making sure your clients and employees are happy, focusing on consistency and that your team works together are key to building your culture to achieve professional success.

Identify Your Needs

You likely have several team members already—your founders. Evaluate what skills they bring to the project and look for gaps in experience. Even though you’re in the spa and salon industry, you will need helping with marketing, PR, social media, accounting, etc. Figure out which roles you have covered already, and which ones may be covered now, but that you intend to pass on to someone else down the line. Making sure that you have a good organizational structure, and that you really know where you’re headed is one of the most important steps in getting there.

Be Flexible with Roles

Remember that you get to design your organizational structure- and that it doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. If your front-desk employee also has a penchant for writing perhaps they can also handle your marketing efforts until you’re in a position to hire a marketing or PR consultant. If one of your stylists also happens to be social media rockstar with their “before and after” photos, see if they would be willing to handle your Facebook and Instagram account. Just make sure that you aren’t over-burdening one person with too many roles, and that you are able to compensate them accordingly. Build 15 minutes into the end everyone’s day to take care of cleaning and you can avoid paying for a cleaning service or janitor.

Boost Salaries by Automating When You Can

Consider using well-vetted software programs for things like client and employee management, booking appointments, handling transactions, email marketing, and many other needs. These types of programs are user-friendly and can often take over the job of a front-desk or accounting person, freeing up your cash flow to either boost your salaries to make your business more attractive to potential team members, or to hire another needed professional to round out your team.


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