Last Minute Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching (November 29 and December 2, respectively), which means your salon or spa should be nailing down a plan to take advantage of the largest purchasing days of the year. As a business owner, the best way to participate in these lucrative holidays is by offering unique specials that will encourage clients to step foot in your door to try out new services or products. 

Here are five tips to help you make a plan quickly:  

1. Discount overstocked products

This tip will not only bring in a profit, but it could also help save you money in the long-run. When unsold products end up collecting dust on the shelf rather than selling, your only choice is to return the inventory to your supplier and possibly pay a restocking fee. Instead, create a holiday bundle by teaming up less popular items with your hottest sellers and price the package competitively. Salon and spa service software can help you keep track of inventory and selling history to help you create these holiday bundles in a snap. Take pictures of these holiday packages and post them on your social media accounts to ensure all your clients are aware of your holiday deals. 

2. Maximize profit with gift cards

You can see a huge spike in gift card sales by offering a special promotion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By offering the purchaser something in return, you can add value to the sale and possibly gain a new customer all in one fell swoop. For example, you could offer a promotion like “buy a $100 gift card for a friend and get a $25 gift card for free.” In this case, the purchaser will most likely keep the $25 gift card and use it on one of your services that costs more than $25 or they could gift it to another friend. In either scenario, you’re gaining at least two customers in a single transaction.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to utilize gift cards in your salon or spa, check out our guide, 5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Gift Cards. 

3. Offer holiday-themed services

Create a holiday menu of services that incorporates scents and colors that are reminiscent of the holiday season. If you’re a hair salon owner, you could offer a free peppermint hair mask treatment with the purchase of any service. Nail salons can offer a promotion on nail art that incorporates holiday colors or a uniquely-scented scrub.  

4. Promote memberships and packages

Like gift cards, packages of services or memberships to your spa are perfect gifts. For clients that buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you could offer them additional services as a bonus incentive to sign up. Promoting memberships and packages is a great strategy for increasing revenue because you lock in payment for services up-front. 

5. Stay on top of your marketing plan

If you’ve already created your holiday marketing plan, don’t forget to seamlessly notify your clients about specials and promotions by sending out automated emails through your salon or spa service software. To offer something truly unique, you could also plan a Black Friday party for your VIP customers to shop your retail items at a discounted rate or offer certain services at a lower price that day. On Cyber Monday, you could offer a certain percentage off products in your online store or your Facebook shop to increase revenue. 

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